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Dr. Trehunna
Through his informative and entertaining Instagram account, which has amassed millions of views, Dr. Trehunna aims to share his knowledge about the food and healthcare industry, which the average individual isn’t privy to. His field experience and university education have fueled his burning desire to provide minorities residing in lower socio-economic areas with the same Quality of Life (QoL) as those from affluent backgrounds. Dr. Trehunna hopes to change the narrative around the current obesity epidemic in African-American and Hispanic communities one day at a time.

Dr. Trehunna has gathered the requisite scientific knowledge to compliment practical experience he has acquired through training and coaching. He encourages his clients to never be afraid of sharing information with family members:

“You invested in yourself, now be a blessing to someone else. Together we can all turn the dream bodies we have in our head into a reality,” Dr. Tre.

Dr. Trehunna currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland, where he is utilizing his coined term “Social Nutrition” to make nutrition focused videos aimed at reshaping the way people think of and engage with food.
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